Group Classes

Yogi's appreciate their weekly Mind You Yoga class as a time to unwind and reset physically, mentally and emotionally.

Small classes ensure that each person receives individual attention. This means that, even within a group, your individual needs are accommodated and supported in a friendly relaxed environment.

Students are facilitated in finding their own place within the group. Your level of experience doesn’t matter, as all the postures taught are modified to suit different levels of ability. Clear instruction during class and follow up notes help you develop and maintain your yoga practice.

With both in person and online classes to choose from you’re sure to find the Mind You Yoga class for you.

Therapeutic One to One Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is not simply a way to refine a yoga practice. It enables you to harness the life enhancing effects of yoga by expertly tailoring the practice to your individual needs.

Mind You Therapeutic Yoga brings a complementary element to the treatment of health conditions through an holistic approach that addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

People with a wide range of health conditions benefit from the Mind You Yoga approach. These range from people with structural issues such as hip dysplasia, to those living with MS and ME or those recovering from cancer. Therapeutic one to one yoga sessions have also been helpful to people who are dealing with stressful life events.

Make an appointment to discuss how yoga therapy can be applied to your individual needs.

Pre And Post Natal Yoga

A pregnancy yoga programme tailored to your needs is an excellent addition to your pre natal self- care routine.

Mind You Pregnancy Yoga physical practices develop strength and body awareness and help to ease tension. You will learn breathing techniques that will energise and relax you during pregnancy and support you in labour and delivery.

Courses include a partners class to help couples prepare for birth. GROUP CLASSES for Summer 2023 are on Tuesday evenings at 6pm at Riverbank HotelWexford

Mind You Pregnancy Yoga, whether you choose group classes, individual sessions or a workshop, prepares you physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and beyond.

Testimonial: "My baby boy was born safe and well. The breathing exercises and mental preparation really helped during labour. I used the yoga ball and kept moving. I was so happy with how pregnancy yoga helped me that I sent two pregnant friends to your classes." - JK, Wicklow.

Life is never the same again after your baby is born. Just as Mind You Pregnancy Yoga supports you until the birth, post natal yoga helps you build strength and resilience in the early months of motherhood.

Mind You Mum & Baby Yoga classes offer you physical practices in a supportive and relaxed environment. With only six mums and babies accommodated on each course you can be sure that your specific needs can be addressed through movement and breathing exercises.

The babies benefit from their own set of yoga poses. As well as supporting their physical development, the poses can help with tummy troubles and sleep patterns. Mums always report that the babies sleep well on yoga day!

One the nicest outcomes from Mum & Baby Yoga over the years has been the friendships women have made as a result of coming to class.

Mind You Mum & Baby Yoga classes are suitable from 8 weeks post delivery until your baby begins to crawl.


Mind You Yoga Workshops cater for a broad range of abilities and experience, from the complete beginner to the dedicated practitioner.

The workshop experience helps you understand how we can all use yoga practices in a therapeutic way. Workshops usually have a central theme, for example we might explore a series of poses to focus on necks and shoulders, core strength or flexibility.

Mind You Pregnancy Yoga workshops offer a condensed version of the evening course content for women who prefer this option.

Workshops are also requested by groups such as sports clubs or charities who’s members have a common interest. These groups consider Mind You Yoga Workshops to be a good opportunity to take time together to unwind and focus on their specific needs.

Do get in touch if you think a group you belong to would benefit from a Mind You Yoga Workshop tailored to your needs.

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